May has been an odd month for me this year. I’ve not crafted all that much, but instead I’ve worked on a whole bunch of different things.

picture of a wooden pen holder with nib, a purple bottle of ink and purple writing, the words blurred out apart from the words 'yours faithfully'
  • Knitting on what I’ve dubbed ‘The Big Slow Knitting Project’
  • English paper piecing this have been something I’ve been doing on and off for a while now and I’ll do a little bit every so often
dark blue juggling balls in a hand with a wooden background
  • Carved a holder for a pen nib I was gifted.
  • Relearning to juggle, including making my own juggling balls because the ones I had were not what I liked.

Then there are the bigger projects:

  • Learning javascript. I’ve tried to do this a bunch of times, but this time I actually spent a little bit of money on the pro version of Codecademy. So far I am loving it, although it’s not easy. Hopefully I’ll soon be able to put some tiny projects on here.
  • Audio escape rooms. I talked about these last month as well. The way escape this podcast works just completely clicks with my brain (the latest story arc What Alice Found just finished and it was amazing). I’m currently working on a story arc of my own which I think I’d like to turn into a text adventure game at some point.

Besides all that I’ve been thinking about writing. I want to write about what being autistic is like for me. I want to share my opinions and ideas, but it’s a scary thought to put it out there. Although being autistic makes me me and I wouldn’t change it, it can be hard to stay positive sometimes. I get overwhelmed and anxious so quickly, and so many little things can trigger a migraine attack.

Happy pride month!