In my defence, I was given an idea, procreate, and shenanigans spoons


You know that feeling where you see something done kind of poorly and you think ‘I can do that better’. I was already ordering at a print on demand store that day and-

Anyway, story aside, I now have a very nerdy mug

Some nerd facts about this:

  • The green is halfway between excel and google sheets, since I use both and couldn’t pick one
  • Similarly, the spreadsheet has elements from both excel and google sheets. It is not a screenshot, but I drew it in procreate from scratch

As soon as I posted the picture of said mug, several people said they’d want one of their own. Now I’m not about to open a shop or deal with shipping mugs all over the world, so instead here is

Please don’t use for reselling/commercial use. If you do get it on something for yourself (or as a present for a friend) I’d love to see it