I’ve made this website a few months ago now and while I knew it would take a while to set things up, I found myself getting stuck on getting started. It all kept not being right.

Ive always been a perfectionist and, while it’s less now generally, it can still pop up a lot. Especially in new things. The details can get overwhelming and have to be perfect in my head and I can’t figure things out.

The blog was never good enough. There were always these little things that had to be done before I could get started properly. And then, how do I get started? What would be the first post I would make and how can I not make it weird?

But there’s stuff I want to put out into the world past the usual social media, with a bigger write up or more in detail. I want to share the things I’ve made and talk about how I made them (and tips I may have).

So. Perfect is the enemy of done. If I try to make this blog and site perfect it’ll never really get started. It’ll always be ‘just this one more thing before I can get going’.

Instead, enjoy my unfinished website.